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Hello All!

If you're reading this you're probably wondering "What the heck happened to the makeup stuff?!?!". You are definitely on the correct website.

Let me briefly explain....

2020 for me (as for a lot of people) was a year that changed my life completely. Then 2021 came along and gave me more of the same. The tragedies that struck my family left me with a hole in my heart concerning Makeup Artisry. My mental health became my greatest concern and I've sadly decided to close the door on servicing clients. I'm not saying this will be forever, but at this time blogging is the space I'm choosing to connect to the Beauty World. 

I invite you along on this new beauty journey that I'm embarking on. I will post blogs, makeup tutorials, reviews, and so much more. I pray the pearls of wisdom I share on this site, from my over 15 years in the industry, will help all who view in their quests for beauty knowledge. 

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